Sunday, September 1, 2013

speed agility program for Sept

To the USM track squad - I am looking forward to working with you this year. I have high hopes for you all, nationals is our goal and I know you can get there. We will work hard, we will eat smart, you will rest and recover when asked to, and leave the workout planning up to the coaches. We have your back and we are ready to roll.... are you? I have no idea what this program is doing with my typing. Weird.
USM 2013-2014 Jumpers, Sprinters, Throwers  Speed, Plyo, agility workouts 
Tuesday                                              Thursday                                            Friday                             
Ray Miller ParkRay Miller ParkMcGilley
warmupwarmupwarmup50 jj
300-200-300 walk back (r5) 5x20,4 x30,3 x40,3 x30,run courtpush ups 25
2x500 walk back (r5)3x40, 2 x50, 1x60, 5x30run courtsquats 25
500, 300, 200, 300,walk back (r5)    (r10) x 2 setsrun court50 jjsplit
300,then @ 200 full speedrun courtpush ups 25staggered
run courtsquats 25sumo
run court50 jjclap under
run courtpush ups 25staggered
run courtsquats 25box/bench
Rest 33 sets
10-SepSept 12 Coach Crystal13-Sep
Ray Miller ParkMcGilley Gym go to Genesis bikesRay Miller Park
4x100 25Sec r 2 sets 3 min RSpin 1m 75%, easy 30 secPlyoball partner side pass 20 ea
200 30sec r 200  r 3min 2 setsSpin 1m75%, easy 30 secPlyoball partner twist backto back 20 ea
300  45 sec r 100 r 3min  2setsSpin 1m75%, easy 30 secplyoball over and under partner 20 ea
2 x 300 full effort, full recoverySpin 1m 75%, easy 30 secladder 2 steps in ea
spin 20 sec hill 90%, easy 40 secladder 1 step in ea
spin 20 sec hill 95%, easy 40 secladder side 2 in
spin 20 sec hill 95%, easy 40 secladder side 1 in
spin 30 sec 65%, spin 30 sec 40%  ladder 2 in 2 out
spin 30 sec 75%, spin 30 sec 50%ladder ffobbo
spin 1 min 50%5 hurdles x 5 12", 18" 24"
LV track parking lotRay Miller ParkMcGilley Gym
warm up jog 1 milewarm up fast/slow dynamicsRun court Sept 13 workout
10 x hills south of trackParachute 60s x 10
 street bottom/ top walk dwn
LV Track parking lotMcGilley GymVolleyball sand pit
stadiums 16 ups hitting  Sept 13  wkout 25 ea plyoball partnerankle hops 25
every step quick, walk downLadder A's, b's high knees, butt kicksbunny hops 25
5 hills south of trackcarioca, ffobbo, tuck jumps, 180 rocket straddle,
frog hops 25
 SLJ 10
St Triple 5
Rockets 25
x 3 5 min rest after set

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Program tweek for August Challenge

The upright rows work better with the wide squat. Have Fun!
Did you know building up your shoulders can help make the waist line look smaller. So need this.

Monday, July 29, 2013

August Challenge

Here's the new challenge for August. July kicked my tail. I didn't make it to five miles or all the hills, but it kept me trying, so I'll keep working to get there. I've recently started Herbalife and I truly feel it has made a difference in the way I feel stronger, more energetic and recovery is shorter. My runs increased from 2 1/2 to 4.2 miles without stopping this past month. It was nice to see progress in the build and also in the shrinkage, just a little around the waistline, but I might find those six packs after all with the better nutrition.
3 exercises
to do for the challenge. Squat with shoulder fly - hold dumbbells and take arms out from side and up as far as you can go. Do that for set number or for time on specific days.
Lunge with overhead press - step out, press up, then back up and step out with other side. Do both legs for # of step outs.
Wide squat with Tricep kickback - spread feet just past shoulder width and turn feet out a little, holding arms in at side press weights (dumbbells) back until arm is straight but not hyperextended or locked.
Stay down in squat positions until all movements are completed.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Self Acceptance

Today was an eye opener for me. I actually accepted myself a bit more. This growing old thing that I've been fighting isn't as bad as I thought it was. Today I stopped by to meet with my sponsor with Herbalife to set up a Smoothie Party at her shop next month ( Aug. 18th, 2:00 @ Green Leaf on Kansas St. in Lansing - Be there). Anyhoo - She has a Tanita body composition scale that has more screening capabilities then the one I bought when I started chemotherapy. Body water % was as issue for me during that time.  I kicked the shoes off and stepped on. It read body weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass, physique Rating DCI/BMR (number of calories to eat a day to maintain), Metabolic age, bone mass, and visceral Fat. This was totally cool to see what it said versus what I thought I. I will say I did a little dance on Metabolic Age = 17. Yeah!! and my bone mass was good.
It was a nice feeling to know that the working out this summer is making a difference even though the six pack is still covered with a layer. It will eventually go - I plan to keep after it.
If you would like to see what your body %'s are please feel free to come to the party. Or give me a holler, we can schedule a time to meet for one.
Self acceptance - it's a good thing.
Have a great weekend.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 8 of summer program

Week 8 hmmm, what should you be doing? TRAINING!! Easy enough said, but doing is another thing. So many things keep popping up and getting in the way. Well, you need to make the time. Wh
en you come back we are starting with testing to get maxs' and to see just how much will you put into a workout. No - not the beep test. The Gauntlet, or at least a modified version of it for jumpers, throwers, sprinters. 800, 400, 200. Men 2:45, 60, 28 1 minute rest between. Ladies 3:15,70, 33. If you are doing the workouts you will be ready.

My strength and conditioning class has been an eye opener. The workouts will be different then last year. We will utilize Genesis as a team more this year.

So for week 8 Tuesday is an even day (July Challenge) 4 miles  with run 600, walk/jog 400, run 600, walk/jog 400. Get at least 3 miles done before you hit the track for the 600's.

Thursday PLyos you are in stage 3 now. Follow the design from the Plyo Progression chart. Check May and June post if you need to see it again.

Friday cross-training at least 40 minutes
Saturday sprints - 10 x 100.

Weight training is still high volume low intensity. Keep the rest period short - cardio between sets will be a great addition to the program - jumping jacks, jump rope, box hops. keep the heart rate up in the zone.
Did you know that getting bigger in the shoulders actually helps to make the waist line look smaller. So, I bought new dumbbells today.
Email me. Let me know how you are doing?

See you soon.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July challenge has begun

Today's workout was to be 50 situps, 40 squats, 30 lunge steps, 20 burpees, 10 push ups and 1 minute planks - front, side,side and supine.
Since I'm using a workout app I thought I'd stay with it on the exercises it includes. Here is where today's workout ended.
situps 96,
squats #25  98
lunge step #10 30
Burpees 20
Push up modified to knees 71
chin ups pull and hold 10
planks F,S,S,Sup 1 minute each

WOSS suspension trainer
rows 30
calf raises straight, out, in 3 x 20
ham curls 30
pike and pull throughs 12

I realized that even though I'm left dominate, that arm is no longer the stronger arm. Mainly because I had to learn to pull right in archery. New goal is to get the arms strong and balanced.

Tonight will be a walk with Hubby 3-4 miles.

Tomorrow is 3 miles, 10 easy hills and 100 jumping jacks.

Get to it. Don't let the challenge limit what you do.