Thursday, July 18, 2013

Self Acceptance

Today was an eye opener for me. I actually accepted myself a bit more. This growing old thing that I've been fighting isn't as bad as I thought it was. Today I stopped by to meet with my sponsor with Herbalife to set up a Smoothie Party at her shop next month ( Aug. 18th, 2:00 @ Green Leaf on Kansas St. in Lansing - Be there). Anyhoo - She has a Tanita body composition scale that has more screening capabilities then the one I bought when I started chemotherapy. Body water % was as issue for me during that time.  I kicked the shoes off and stepped on. It read body weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass, physique Rating DCI/BMR (number of calories to eat a day to maintain), Metabolic age, bone mass, and visceral Fat. This was totally cool to see what it said versus what I thought I. I will say I did a little dance on Metabolic Age = 17. Yeah!! and my bone mass was good.
It was a nice feeling to know that the working out this summer is making a difference even though the six pack is still covered with a layer. It will eventually go - I plan to keep after it.
If you would like to see what your body %'s are please feel free to come to the party. Or give me a holler, we can schedule a time to meet for one.
Self acceptance - it's a good thing.
Have a great weekend.

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