Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 8 of summer program

Week 8 hmmm, what should you be doing? TRAINING!! Easy enough said, but doing is another thing. So many things keep popping up and getting in the way. Well, you need to make the time. Wh
en you come back we are starting with testing to get maxs' and to see just how much will you put into a workout. No - not the beep test. The Gauntlet, or at least a modified version of it for jumpers, throwers, sprinters. 800, 400, 200. Men 2:45, 60, 28 1 minute rest between. Ladies 3:15,70, 33. If you are doing the workouts you will be ready.

My strength and conditioning class has been an eye opener. The workouts will be different then last year. We will utilize Genesis as a team more this year.

So for week 8 Tuesday is an even day (July Challenge) 4 miles  with run 600, walk/jog 400, run 600, walk/jog 400. Get at least 3 miles done before you hit the track for the 600's.

Thursday PLyos you are in stage 3 now. Follow the design from the Plyo Progression chart. Check May and June post if you need to see it again.

Friday cross-training at least 40 minutes
Saturday sprints - 10 x 100.

Weight training is still high volume low intensity. Keep the rest period short - cardio between sets will be a great addition to the program - jumping jacks, jump rope, box hops. keep the heart rate up in the zone.
Did you know that getting bigger in the shoulders actually helps to make the waist line look smaller. So, I bought new dumbbells today.
Email me. Let me know how you are doing?

See you soon.

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